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Did financial risk as a discipline actually fail? I dont think so….

I have not worked in the Financial Risk industry and therefore a neutral observer. I have been reading on the build-up, causes (global and country-specific) and manifestations and want to add to the literary debate that has been overshadowed by media attention, political blame-shifting, regulator-bashing with blanket statements such as ‘they did not understand the risks they were taking’. In this post, I argue that ‘Risk Management in the Financial Industry has been no more /less effective than in other industries’. This is a contemporary theme and is being developed by economists and international experts, but I am tempted to add my few Read the rest of this entry


Country size and Growth prospects

Do organizations originating from a small country have a higher disposition towards global growth? Or in other words, do organisations from large countries tend to compete in their own backyard and get attacked eventually? My view is that the larger the country size, the lesser scope there is for the organisation to expand internationally. Generally speaking there are always exceptions (Coca Cola, etc). But what about the Canon, Nokia, Toyota,

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